We have a curated a menu full of leading nail treatments, sourced and only selecting the best products by leading brands to use in our stores. Our hand picked team of nail technicians have all been through our super intense nail-artistry boot camp training, ensuring you always receive a service second to none. We pride ourselves on having a nail gang that is made up of only the very best. With this, our customers can rest assured that they will always be happy with the bespoke service levels, treatments and complete experience only found in a our nail'd it boutique nail spas.

Through our experience, commitment and passion of all things nails,  we have thoughtfully developed not only nail treatments and nail art but a modern and chic service for nail enhancements that will change the way you see nails.  You could say we've 'nail'd it'



In the need for speed? We have got it covered with our speedy services; after all it’s what we are famous for.


Quicki hands

file . shape . paint

Polish 13 / Gel 23

Quicki Feet

file .shape . paint

Polish 16 / Gel 26

Speedy Mani

hand soak . shape .cuticle care . paint . mini massage . oil

Polish 18 / Gel 28

Speedy Pedi

Foot soak . shape .cuticle care . callus & salt scrub . paint . mini massage . oil

Polish 28 / Gel 38

Speedy Mani & Pedi

as above

Polish 42 / Gel 62


Our revolutionary take on nail enhancements to create the most elegant and feminine look.

Full set with forms or tips

Added length . instant strength . cuticle care . paint . oil

Polish 55 / Gel 65

Overlay on natural nails

Instant strength . cuticle care . paint . oil

Polish 50 / Gel 60


Infill of growth . freshen up . cuticle care . paint . oil

Polish 45 / Gel 55

Removal & Mini mani

Removal with care . cuticle work . oil


Nail Effects and Finishes

Add that magic to your nails with our finishing touches on all gel services.

chrome . mermaid . glitter dust . fairy pixi . fireworks . hologram . crystal dust . unicorn .white chrome . star shine and many more


Sit back relax and we will take care of the rest.

These services are the full works to bring back youth and softness in your hands and feet.

Signature Manicure

hydrating soak . shape . cuticle care . massage . exfoliating scrub . heated skin treatment . paint . oil

Polish 38 / Gel 48

Signature Pedicure

hydrating soak . shape . cuticle care . massage . callus treatment . exfoliating scrub . heated skin treatment . paint . oil

Polish 48 / Gel 58

Manicure & Pedicure

as above

Polish 75 / Gel 95


Gel removal

removal of your gel manicure with care


IBX Treatment

repair and protect your nails with keratin treatment


Hand massage


Feet massage